November 8-10Soo Bahk Do Moment with the Masters & Ko Dan Ja Shim SaMidway, UT
December 11Camas Rank Exam Paperwork Due
December 18Camas Rank Exam (121st)
Dec. 23 to Jan. 3CLOSED – Holiday Break


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January 6Welcome back to training!
January 18Oregon Moo Duk Kwan Board Breaking TourneyLake Oswego, OR
March 6 – 7R10 Moo Do Festival & Dan Rank ExamMount Vernon, WA
March 11Camas Rank Exam paperwork due
March 18Camas Rank Exam (118th)
May 25CLOSED – Memorial Day
June 6CamTown Youth Festival
June 10Camas Rank Exam paperwork due
June 17Camas Rank Exam (119th)
July 11Annual Class on the Grass
July 23-25Soo Bahk Do National FestivalOrlando, FL
August 7-9Annual Region 10 Summer CampEllensburg, WA
September 7CLOSED – Labor Day
September 16Camas Rank Exam Paperwork Due
September 23Camas Rank Exam (120th)
September 26Oregon Moo Duk Kwan TournamentLake Oswego, OR
October 16-17Region 10 Dan TestCamas, WA
October 26-2875th Anniversary of Soo Bahk DoSeoul, Korea
November 13-14Soo Bahk Do Moment with the Masters & Ko Dan Ja Shim SaTBD
December 9Camas Rank Exam Paperwork Due
December 16Camas Rank Exam (121st)
December 20 to January 2CLOSED – Holiday Break