Local, Regional, & National Soo Bahk Do Events

 January 3  Back on the Mat
 January 20  Anacortes Clinic  Anacortes, WA
 January 27  Oregon Moo Duk Kwan Annual Board Breaking Clinic  Lake Oswego, OR
 February 15  R10 Scholarship Essays Due
 February 17  Camas SBD Annual “Tune-Up” Festival  Camas, WA
 March 16-17  R10 Annual Championships & TAC Seminars  Clear Lake, WA
 March 21  Camas SBD Gup Test  Camas WA
 April 21-22  R10 Regional Examiner Clinics & Dan Test Anacortes, WA
 May 28  CLOSED – Memorial Day – NO CLASSES
 June 9  Annual CamTown Youth Festival @ Crown Park  Camas, WA
 June 20  Camas SBD Gup Test  Camas, WA
 July 4  CLOSED – 4th of July – NO CLASSES
 July 14  Annual Camas SBD Class on the Grass @ Crown Park  Camas, WA
 August 9-11  Soo Bahk Do Nationals  Montgomery, TX
 September 3  CLOSED – Labor Day – NO CLASSES
 September 15  Oregon Moo Duk Kwan Annual Tournment  Lake Oswego, OR
 September 19  Camas SBD Gup Test  Camas, WA
 October 19-20  R10 Regional Examiner Clinics & Dan Test  Wenatchee, WA
 November TBD  National Soo Bahk Do Moment with the Masters  TBD
 December 19  Camas SBD Gup Test  Camas, WA
 December 24  CLOSED – Holiday Break until January 7, 2019
Dates are tentative and subject to change